Thursday, September 8, 2011

I’m reviewing Demon Marked by Meljean Brook at Smexybooks

Demon Marked (The Guardians, #7)


Demon Marked (Guardians #7) by Meljean Brook
September 6, 2011

Favorite Quote: “The Guardians are proof that the universe likes to reward those who sacrifice themselves for others-but I’ve never been interested in that martyr bullshit. So... we have to get that reward some other way. Me? I lied, cheated, and killed my way into it. I paid for it in blood...and I would have paid more if I had to. But I’d be damned before I let that price be our lives or my soul on that field.”

Nicholas St. Croix is familiar with the evil of demons. After his father’s death, a demon took over his mother’s body and raised him. Six years ago, his “mother” was responsible for the disappearance of the woman he loved, and Nicholas swore he’d find her—even if he had to go to Hell and back. Except she finds him first—and with one tormented kiss, he knows she too is a demon. Now he is determined to take his revenge…
Ash is a half-demon with no memory of her past or how she got to Hell. All she knows is that Nicholas St. Croix holds the key to her identity. And though he’s clearly drawn to her, Nicholas makes no secret of his distrust of her. Yet one kiss at a time, he breaks down her defenses as they battle an array of demons and Guardians. But is Ash’s greatest enemy the man at her side? (Goodreads)

Demon Marked is the 7th installment in Meljean Brooks dark and captivating Guardians series. We met our hero, Nicholas St. Croix in Demon Blood. Not a primary character then, in here we find out more about Nick and what his interest is in the Guardian/Demon war.


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