Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I’m reviewing Kelly Gay’s The Hour Of Dust And Ashes at Smexybooks

The Hour of Dust and Ashes (Charlie Madigan #3)

Favorite Quote: “You got me a Buns Of The Month subscription?”

Charlie Madigan, ITF agent, has had a very hard year. Dying and brought back to life, she has acquired unknown powers and gifts that have yet to fully reveal themselves. Her ex husband’s cheated on her and became of victim of his own black magic use. She has inherited an illegal hellhound who adores her daughter and when she accepts the DNA from two off world races in order to save her daughter’s life, she unwittingly covers Atlanta in darkness and has yet to figure out how to remove it. She also is dealing with her feelings for her sexy siren partner Hank. Especially after an altercation with him leaves her bearing his mark. Is it the mark or the man who has Charlie’s heart in a twist? Now someone in the Sons Of Dawn cult is ordering the ash addicts to kill themselves and she has to find the culprit before her sister, Byrn, becomes the next victim. With time running out, Charlie makes a deal with four ancient beings and is forced to enter Hell (Charbydon) with Rex and Hank in order to keep her sister alive.


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