Thursday, September 1, 2011

I’m reviewing Rob Thurman’s Basilisk at Smexybooks

Basilisk (Chimera, #2)

Favorite Quote: “It was five months later that I finally admitted defeat, finishing what I’d started more than half a year ago, and was at my laptop, hacking into Lolcats, crashing the site, and removing any mention of it from the Net. It was evil and had to go."

Basilisk picks up 3 years after Chimera ended. Lukas-now called Michael or Misha depending on his mood- and Stefan are living in a small town under assumed names, trying to blend in and stay out of sight of the Institute. When they receive word that their father has died a violent death, Michael and Stefan know that the government may have found them and the time has come to take down the Institute and free the rest of the children there. Trying to stay one step ahead of the government agent chasing them, Stefan learns just what Michael has been up to the last three years as Michael reveals what he has really been up to in the garage. Michael has come to the conclusion that he’s a man now, albeit a 19 year old man, and must protect Stefan as Stefan has done for him the last three years. When Michael and Stefan reach the Institute they find a massacre and realize that the children have staged a coup and are taking their games out into the world. Calling in Stefan’s buddy Saul, the three of them begin a dangerous game of hide and seek with the remaining children of the Institute. The children want Michael back and will take out anyone and anything to get him.


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