Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review: Cipher By Moira Rogers

Cipher (Southern Arcana, #4)

Cipher (Southern Arcana #4) by Moira Rogers
Paranormal Romance
September 6, 2011

Favorite Quote: It was like Romeo and Juliet. If Romeo was in his mid thirties with a mullet.

Kat Gabriel is a powerful psychic and empath.  A talent she inherited from her mother. When she inadvertently uses her powers to save a friend, the guilt and horror she feels usig her powers to kill and the withdrawal of her friend causes her to shutdown and she tries to bury herself and her power. Kat fears that she will end up like her mother and decides the time has come to look into her mother’s past to see what happened to her so many years ago.

Andrew Callaghan is a made werewolf. He was bitten when he tried to save Kat ‘s life. Since the change is a volatile time for all wolves and more so for newly made ones, Andrew felt the best way to protect Kat is to stay away from her. Andrew knows that pushing Kat away is the only way he can keep her safe.  When Kat decides to research her past, Andrew ‘s protective instincts come into play and he comes along to help her.

As Andrew and Kat dig deeper into her past, an vicious and unethical threat rises. A threat that wants Kat and will take out anyone that gets in their way.

Cipher is the 4th book in Moira Roger’s dynamic action packed Southern Arcana series. A supernatural thrilling series with plenty of hot steamy romance and edge of your seat suspense guaranteed to keep you hooked till the very end. Here we finally get the story we have all been waiting on Kat and Andrew. What I truly enjoy about this series is the ease and skill in which they write their characters. They capture your attention and wrangle their way into your heart. It’s very easy to become vested in their lives. The smooth pacing and engaging storyline makes for a fast read that comes to an end far too soon.

Cipher picks up with a where Deadlock leaves off and runs with it. The Conclave is still unsettled and the tension in the shifter world has everyone on edge. Kat and Andrew are wary of each other and their feelings; each believing they know what’s best for the other one. The more time they spend together, the more they realize they themselves are the problem. I enjoy how they “resolve” their conflicts. ;)
We see many old friends in here along with some new ones. This world keeps expanding and evolving at just the right pace.  Our villain(s) are nasty evil minded individuals that you will love to hate and the ending resolves enough open ended story lines to satisfy while giving clues to what’s coming next.

While each of these could be read as a stand alone since they each revolve around a main couple and resolve a main conflict, there is a heavy bleed over of characters and storyline that will leave some confused if your not familiar with the overall arc. All in all Cipher is a powerful addition to the Southern Arcana series which stands as being one of my top favorite paranormal romantic series to date.

Rating: B


Kyla said...

Ohmygoodness! I'm so thrilled this finally came out; I've been dying to read other people's take on it. I read an ARC a little while back and it's been KILLING me.

Completely agree, "They capture your attention and wrangle their way into your heart."


Patti (Caught in a FAB Romance) said...

I loved Kat and Andrew's story - this series is so good!

Tori said...

Kyla- LOL Me too. I read it a few months ago and had to zip my lips. Loving the direction this series is going.

Patti-Me too. I waited so long for this one. Now for Anna. :P