Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I’m reviewing Kristan Higgin’s Until There Was You at Smexybooks

Until There Was You

Favorite Quote:
“Think she likes me?
“Of course she does Liam. It’s the law isn’t it? Women must fall at your feet.”

When former bad boy heartthrob Liam Murphy walked into Cordelia (Posey) Osterhagen’s parent’s restaurant she had imagined a million scenarios…but never one involving her wearing an ill fitting German waitress outfit and her cheeks stuffed with potato dumplings. Posey has always loved Liam from the first moment she saw him ride up on his motorcycle, decked out in leather and wearing an attitude a miles wide. When he began to work at her parent’s restaurant, she thought she had died an gone to heaven, but Liam never noticed her beyond being his bosses daughter and unintentionally breaks Posey’s heart. Liam goes on to fall in love and marry the town’s golden girl and leaves town. Now years later, Liam is back with his fifteen year old daughter. His wife passed away a few years ago, and he wants Nicole to be raised in his hometown, close to her grandparents.

Liam is happy to be back in Bellsford. Though his high school reputation left a lot to be desired, he is all grown up now and just wants to raise his daughter in peace. The woman of the town all to well remember the former bad boy and stalk him like he’s the last chocolate chip cookie in the package. Except for one-Posey. Not sure if he should be relieved or put out; he enjoys the fact that Posey isn’t grabbing, pinching, or slipping phone numbers into wherever she can reach. As he and Posey run into one another more and more around town, he stops seeing the skinny sixteen year old from the past and begins to see the woman right in front of him.


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