Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I’m reviewing Death Magic by Eileen Wilks at Smexybooks

Death Magic


Favorite Quote: ”I ought to eat one of your legs to discourage such stubborn stupidity.”

Eileen Wilks’ World of the Lupi series has always been an auto buy for me since reading the first book in the series-Tempting Danger. A serious, somewhat dark character driven series that revolves around two main protagonists: Lily Yu and Rule Turner. Lily and Rule first met in Tempting Danger ; a pragmatic human cop and a promiscuous werewolf prince destined to be together forever through a mystic bonding called the Chosen. You can imagine the turmoil that caused. Especially when they engage in sexual relations which invokes the bond and creates a tether that binds them together; metaphorically and physically. Throughout the series we have watched Lily grapple with the concepts of being the Chosen and what the bond is to her. Bonding doesn’t mean love. That comes later if at all. Plus, Lupi aren’t known for monogamy so that plays heavily in Lily’s decision. What I really enjoy about this series is even though the premise is fantasy, the relationship between all the characters is brushed with realism. There is no instant HEA for anyone. They have to work to understand each other and the predicament that has been literally forced on them. Lily doesn’t accept Rule’s ideology and myth based life style just because he is her mate and Rule has to learn that rules and structure are an essential part of Lily’s make up.

Death Magic brings Lily and Rule back into the forefront. With only four months till their wedding, Lily has a lot on her plate that doesn’t include testifying before a supernatural-prejudiced senator. When Lily is asked to join a shadow law enforcement group that will fight the Humans First group outside the parameters of the law she finds herself in a conundrum.


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