Thursday, November 3, 2011

I’m reviewing Meljean Brook’s Heart Of Steel at Smexybooks

Heart of Steel (Iron Seas, #2)

Heart Of Steel (Iron Seas #2) by Meljean Brook
Steampunk, Romance
November 1, 2011

Favorite Quote:  “Give her a heart of steel.”

“A heart of steel? But…why?”

“Because there is no other way to survive.”


When Captain Yasmeen tossed Archimedes Fox over the side of her ship in The Iron Duke for having the sheer gall of trying to commandeer it, she tosses him in a canal which shows Fox that she wasn’t trying to kill him per say, just give him a little wake up call. She also relieved him of a certain valuable sketch that he desperately needs back. Fox decides that the adventure and the Captain are too much to resist and once again barges back into Yasmeen’s life. Yasmeen agrees to help him recover the sketch, for a small fee, but laughs at his declaration of courting her. When an old friend of Fox’s approaches him for help, Yasmeen and Fox find themselves part of a rebellion in the middle of Horde territory.


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