Friday, November 4, 2011

Well since you asked…what I have learned from watching Burn Notice


I recently started watching the show Burn Notice. I find it to be a smarter, chic-er, better dressed version of MacGyver. In a nutshell, our protagonist Michael was a spy for the CIA. He got in someone’s way and was ‘burned’.

A burn notice is a spy term. Burn notices are issued by intelligence agencies to discredit agents who are considered to have become unreliable. When a spy is burned, their connection to the agency is organization is terminated,and they are left swaying in the wind.

Michael has no assets or friends in the network anymore. He made a deal that as long as he stays in Miami he is safe. He now hangs with his mom, his ex spy girlfriend Fiona, and Sam-a former narc with the FBI. He spends his time looking for the person who burned him and taking small investigative jobs to stay a float. Plus he drives a totally restored Barracuda. Cha CHING!

Since watching I have learned a few valuable skills that I’m not sure I’ll ever use but who knows…

I have learned:

1. How to make a bomb out of vodka, bubble gum, and a light bulb.

2. How to get myself un handcuffed from a chair.

3. The best was to contact surveillance is to eavesdrop.

4. If someone is coming after you, don’t run. Stop them from following you.

5. Driving like an idiot will reveal a tail quicker then a high speed chase.

6. You need 2 cell phones, not 1, to build a listening device.

7. When fighting against a large group-always take out the leader first.

8. When committing a robbery, wipe off everything. Even if it seems silly…WIPE IT OFF!

9.  Emergency vehicles can manipulate traffic signals.

10. Duct tape is the ultimate resource. You can do anything with it and it’s cheap.


Wanna check it out? It’s on USA Fridays at 10pm.

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BookaholicCat said...

I also watch Burn Notice but it seems you pay a bit more attention than me. Thank you for sharing those valuable tips. *runs to buy duct tape*