Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stimulation Saturday-The Odd Slipper


The Lucy

As a shoe shopper with tiny feet-I wear a size 4.5/5 I find myself constantly having to forgo certain styles I love because the average shoe store doesn’t go below a 6. And if they have a 5, it’s really a 5.5 and still too big.

I was recently pointed over to the site, The Odd Slipper. The Odd Slipper is a new site that caters to woman who, like me, has tiny footies.  They carry sizes 3-5.5. However, it’s more than just an ecommerce site. Each week, they unveil a new shoe style, which users can vote and give feedback on. They then manufacture the best reviewed styles with the highest amount of votes and let shoppers know which styles have been picked and when they’ll be ready for sale. The advantages of this business model are that there is little risk (shoppers are getting what they want) and costs are kept at a minimum since they coordinate manufacturing directly.

The Fashionista interviewed the founder, Sandy Sagastume, who talks about how the site came to be and what’s in store for it’s future. You can read the interview HERE.

I headed over to The Odd Slipper to see how it works and found myself liking what I see. Not a lot there right now, but the site promises more to choose from as they get up and running.

This is the Layla. Upper is half black patent leather and half light blue matte leather. Heel is 3" and stacked for extra support. Available in sizes 5, 5.5, and 6. The site says only 4 are being made in this color but I don’t know if that means 4 total or 4 in each size. They do have this in brown which will be released 11/25. Not found of this color? They say to contact them about placing custom orders at no extra price.

They have a pretty flexible return policy and I like that shipping within the US is free while international shipping is a very reasonable flat rate regardless of how many pairs you order.


I will definitely bookmark this site for my future shoe buying.

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