Friday, November 18, 2011

Well, since you asked…only only 10,000 more of these and I’ll be rich.

About two years ago I was a plaintive in a lawsuit against a well known internet venue for misapplication of fees. While I didn’t expect a windfall, I certainly wasn’t expecting this:


That’s right. I got a huge whopping check for $4.07. Oh, whatever shall I spend my spoils of war on? Hmmm?

Lets’s see. For $4.07 I can buy:

-A little over 1 gallon of gas.

-A used book.

-A hamburger, fries, and a small coke at McDonalds.

-1/2 pack of stamps.

-2 school lunches for my kid.

-4 packs of bubble gum (but I may have to pony up for tax).

-3 things form the dollar store. (damn FL sales tax)

-4 movies form Redbo

-1 dog treat. Hey, my dog is freaking HUGE.

- A big bag of Lay’s jalapeno kettle chips

-One plastic protector sheet for one of my e readers.

-One nail done at my mani/pedi salon (this includes tip

-One bottle OPI polish.



What do YOU think I should buy with my whooping $4.07?


Jay said...

I'm all about having the one nail done. As a matter of fact, I think you should video the salon appointment where you get the one nail down and post it here for us to see. I would definitely be funny.

Lynette said...

ROTFLMAO. I vote for the Dollar Store. I love the dollar store. LOL.