Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I’m reviewing Cry Wolf by Angela Campbell at Smexybooks

Cry Wolf

Andrea Lockhart doesn’t want to be in Woodbine, South Carolina investigating a werewolf sightings but when her ex boyfriend/editor demands an exclusive, she does what she is told. Upon arrival she finds herself hanging upside down from a trap and looking into the eyes of a former collage journalism rival. She never expected to see the delish Sean Hunter in this out of the way burg and is even more surprised when he decides that they need to work together to find out if the town’s werewolf is fact or fiction.

Sean regrets the way he treated Andrea when they were in collage. He thought she had potential but needed to toughen up if she wanted to make it as a journalist. So his campaign consisted of snide remarks and esteem crushing comments. He is pleasantly surprised when she arrives in town; especially as she has gone from the frumpy girl to a beautiful polished woman. Sean begins a steady campaign to get closer to Andrea (and in her bed) by involving himself in her story-he’ll help her research the werewolf if she’ll let him write a story on her. As these two spend time together investigating and interviewing, Sean realizes that he doesn’t want Andrea to leave when the article is done but is unsure how he can convince her that Woodbine and he are the perfect ending for her story.


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