Monday, December 12, 2011

I’m reviewing Within The Flames by Majorie M. Liu at Smexybooks

Within the Flames (Dirk & Steele, #11)

Within The Flames (Dirk & Steele #11) by Majorie M. Liu
Paranormal Romance
November 29, 2011

Favorite Quote: “He hurts. Like you, his heart has nowhere to fall. You could fall together.”

A pyrokinetic and former car thief, Eddie cannot refuse an assignment to cross the continent in order to rescue an extraordinary woman in peril…even though he fears losing control of the destructive power of flame at his fingertips. The last of her shape-shifting kind, Lyssa hides in the abandoned tunnels beneath Manhattan. Like Eddie, fire is her weapon, her destiny…and her curse.
For beneath Lyssa’s extraordinary beauty are dangerous secrets…and even darker, nearly irresistible urges…(

Lyssa Andreanos has spent the majority of her life alone; hiding who and what she is. Having watched her parents brutally murdered, Lyssa never recovered and now lives in fear that she will be next. When it becomes apparent that she has been found, Lyssa attempts to run only to realize that there is no place to run to. Now she must decide if she is willing to embrace her dark side in order to save her life and those around her.

Eddie made a choice at age 13 that forever changed his life. On the path of ruin, the founder of Dirk and Steele, Roland, comes to his rescue and tries to help Eddie find an outlet for his sometimes uncontrollable powers. When Roland assigns Eddie to find and protect Lyssa, Eddie never imagines that this assignment will lead him to his mate and he will have to embrace his own powers in order to save her and himself from certain death.


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