Friday, December 30, 2011

Well, since you asked…smelly dog + lysol= smelly lysol house


Me: Jeebus

T: What’s wrong?

Me: Can’t you smell that?

T: Smell what?

Me: THAT! That nasty, eye tearing, wanna gag smell.

T: Oh. That was Roscoe.

Me: What the hell did you feed him?

T: Dog food.

Me: And?

T: Some hotdogs.

Me: AND??!

T: Some fish.

Me: You know what that does to him. He’ll be pooting all night.

T: But he was starving.

Me: He weighs over 100lbs. Trust me, he’s not hurting for a meal.

Me: Well take him outside. It smells like arse in here.

T: Hey. He can’t help it. I’ll spray some Lysol.

Me: No, please don’t...

T: *spraying Lysol*

Me: Great. Now it smells like Lysol and arse.

T: There is no pleasing you is there.

Me: No. Now take the dog outside.

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