Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I’m reviewing the Broods of Fenrir by Coral Moore at Smexybooks

Broods of Fenrir


Broods Of Fenrir by Coral Moore
Urban Fantasy
November 20, 2011
Bared Teeth Publishing

Having grown up in the violent, oppressive world of the Brood with his father being one of the worst offenders, Brand Geirson has no desire to accept his destiny and rule the clan. Brand walks away from the Brood and never looks back. When a brutal murder points back to the Brood, Brand finds himself having to embrace a destiny he fought against. He must become what he never wanted to be in order to save the only woman he ever loved.

Brand is a Brood, a wolf shapeshifter. He turned his back on his world after he killed his father, their king, to stop the atrocities and bloodshed the his father ruled with. Brand was so brutally tortured as a child, he keeps his wolf safety buried in fear he will submit to the rage and become just like his father. He now owns and operates a security firm and stays as far away from Brood politics as he can. When a human woman is found murdered at a site he provides security for; he recognizes the claw marks and knows a member of the Brood committed the murder. Brand knows he will have to enter back in to Brood in order to determine just how chaotic the clans have become. As Brand navigates his way through a dangerous minefield of exploding emotions and archaic rules, he finds himself at the mercy of those who have decided that he will claim his destiny-or die.


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