Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well, since you asked…thank you Captain Obvious

Why is it that people think you go through life oblivious to things until they point them out to you? Things that are glaringly apparent to you and the rest of the free world with mere look in the mirror.


Recently I took the kid to the Dr for a check up. Her primary Dr has taken on some new partners and we saw one of them instead. I’m going to be perfectly honest here and say my child is a little overweight. She exercises, eats good, and we have found no inherent problems so we aren’t sure why this is, but it is what it is, though we are still examining causes. On a side note, I believe her being a preemie and some of the steroids they gave her as a child contributed to it.

Anyway-I KNOW she overweight. She KNOWS she is overweight. We are vigilant and working on it. Yet for some reason this new Dr felt the need to point it out, in front of the kid, in a  condescending manner that suggested this was a big secret she had to impart to us.

To say I was a little defensive is putting it mildly. First off, I truly despise that false sounding voice that is suppose to inspire comradely but really just sets your teeth on edge. It’s a voice that translates to, “I think your an idiot, so I’m going to use little words and a warm tone so you don’t realize I think your an idiot.”

News flash-I know you think I’m an idiot and guess what? I think your one too. Then, for her to look at me and say, “I’m sure you’ve realized she is overweight and something needs to be done,” made me want to punch her in the throat.


Did you think I didn’t know that? This is my child. I’ve lived with her for 10 years. I know EVERYTHING about her. Sometimes, she tells me more then I want to know. :) If you had bothered to look at her chart you’d know we had been coming here for 6 years and have had multiple tests done, weigh ins, consultations, ect… Your not imparting surprising news to me. The fact she did that in front of my child had me rearing my head back to strike her down in a move worthy of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sometimes I wonder if some people just weren’t meant to be working with the public. They reek of insecurity and fear, exhibiting a stiffness that just screams, “Kill me!!!! Kill me now because I am so freaking uncomfortable I will socially cut myself off at the knees every time I open my damn mouth.” Now I understand why the doctors are concerned, but to completely ignore the kid’s files before speaking to me shows a lack of communication and caring. Plus, it hurt her feelings.

I proud to say I didn’t not use my powers for evil and fry her arse on the spot, but I did have a talk with her while the kid was occupied and let her know that her bedside manner needed some work. I also let her know that what’s obvious to her is probably obvious to everyone and I didn’t need to know the problem (I get it-trust me) I need  solutions.

So in retrospect, if you feel a “Captain Obvious” moment coming on and your need to speak is beginning to over ride your brain screaming for you to STFU, remember what’s obvious to you is also probably obvious to whom you are speaking to. 


Amanda Bonilla said...

So sorry about your utterly craptastic experience. I had a bad appt with a doctor a while back that was eerily similar. You leave with this strange feeling of guilt that you absolutely SHOULD NOT be feeling.

I really feel like doctors should offer a money-back guarantee. Why waste 160+ dollars to have someone tell you something you're already aware of in a condescending way that damages your self-esteem? Ridiculous. *HUGS*

Tori said...

Amanda-Thank you. It really made me mad was that it further undermined the kid's already low confidence.

Sorry you had to go through that too. ((hugs))

BookaholicCat said...

Stupid doctor to say that infront of your child. You should talk (complain) to her primary doctor, so he talks to this new stupid doctor, before she does it again with somebody else.
Hugs for you and your little one.