Thursday, January 26, 2012

I’m reviewing The Rogue Who Loved Me by Ingela F. Hyatt at Smexybooks


The Rogue Who Loved Me by Ingela F. Hyatt
Historical Romance
December 2011
Mundania Press

Favorite Quote: “What would it be like to love and be loved?”

The Rogue Who Loved Me is a straight forward historical romance set in the 16th century. A virgin innocent and a jaded rake mix business with pleasure when they embark on a dangerous game that could end with broken hearts or worse…death. Alexande, the Marquis Of Ravenspur has come home to ferret out a murderer and a spy at his king’s command. When he meets the lovely and very innocent Aubriana Welbrey, he is intrigued but he has no time for playful interludes. When Aubriana’s brother is implicated in a smuggling ring, the sheriff gives Aubriana a choice-help him spy on Alexande and find evidence he is the head of the smuggling ring or her brother faces charges. Aubriana is given a place in Alexande’s household as a maid but when he offers her the position of his mistress, she sees a way to complete her mission.


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