Friday, January 27, 2012

I’m reviewing Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones at Smexybooks



Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson #3) by Darynda Jones
Urban Fantasy
January 31, 2012
St. Martins Press

Favorite Scene:

“Oh my god!”
“You’re naked.”
“I’m not naked.”
“I’m blind.”
“You’re not blind. I’m wearing pants.”

At the end of Second Grave On The Left, Charley Davidson, grim reaper extraordinaire, did the unthinkable and bound the sexy supermodel son of Satan to his physical body when he was about to off himself and exist only in his metaphysical form. That left super sexy man a not so very happy camper. So unhappy that super sexy man refuses to see or talk to Charley. Now Charley is now drinking copious amounts of stolen coffee (cause that’s the best tasting) to avoid sleep because Reyes comes to her in her dreams and does some remarkably blush worthy things to her body. His visits leave her exhausted and hurt. Charley senses the anger Reyes feels and she knows that he doesn’t want to be there with her, doing the things they do. When Charley is given a new missing persons case she figures this is the best way to get Reyes out of her head but when he breaks out of prison with a crazy story that the man he supposedly killed isn’t dead and he wants Charley to find him she realizes that coffee isn’t going to cut it anymore. All the while she is dealing with her guilt ridden father, a nun who “eavesdrops” on the voices in her head, hot scruffy bikers, and a knife welding ghost who likes to pose as a hood ornament.

If you read no other books this year, you must stop and pick up Darynda Jones’s Third Grave Dead Ahead.


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Amanda Bonilla said...

My friend won an ARC of this book a few months ago. My fav in the series so far! SO GOOD!

tori said...

I agree 100%. I love this series. The quotes alone keep me in tears.