Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I’m reviewing Samantha McHargue’s Fated Hour at Smexybooks

Fated Hour by Samantha McHargue
Time Travel Romance
December 2011
Self Published

Favorite Quote: “I came two hundred years for the feel of your heart against my lips, telling me you love me…”

Fated Hour is the sequel to Ms. McHargue’sTimeless. At the end of Timeless, Alexandra (Lexi) Kane was transported back in time by a jealous rival. Her lover, Lance Reed, defies space and time to find her and bring her back. What seems to be only a short 4 month time span to those in the present, Lance and Lexi are gone for almost 4 years. What occurred in those 4 years changes Lexi’s and Lance’s life and only with the help of the Genesis team, a pair of gifted twins, and a trip to the past will help these two lovers find themselves and their love again.

While Timeless thrilled me, Fated Hour blew me away. Fated Hour is an beautiful emotionally gripping story that takes you to the very edge. A time traveling version of Romeo and Juliet; only here it’s not family but time that drives them apart. Intrigue, mystery, and a bittersweet romance will have you racing to see how this ends.


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Samantha McHargue said...

Hey Tori, do you ever post your reviews on Amazon too? By the way, thank you for the wonderful review. :) I always appreciate it.