Monday, February 27, 2012

5 things for Monday

This weekend was cold. The weather man said, “Oh, it’ll be a lovely 75 degree going into Daytona 500 weekend”.

LIAR!!!!!! This is what we got.





I’ve been reading the Adrien English Mysteries by Josh Lanyon.

Oh my poor, poor heart. An emotional, turbulent love story wrapped in the trappings of a contemporary mystery. Adrien English is an openly gay book seller who’s Miss Marple-like nosiness for murder beings him to the attention of closet gay Detective Jake Riordan. From Fatal Shadows (book one) to The Dark Tide (book 5) we watch as Adrien and Jake’s relationship blazes with the strength of a thousand suns only to crash and burn due to lies, secrets, and selfishness. What appeals to me about this series is the realism of the characters and their emotions. Lanyon doesn’t hold back in here; offering neither unicorn sparkles or rainbows to help ease your way. I found myself laughing, crying, and planning a fictional character’s murder as I watched Adrien (a book boyfriend) deal with his feelings for an irresponsible and confused Jake.

A word of advice. Read Fatal Shadows. If you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it like me…buy the other 4 because once you start, you won’t want to wait to continue on to the next one.




The reason only the strongest survive. 




How freaking cute is this???

Unleash your inner Cat Power.  From  Charlotte Olympia’s cat heels and flats to Jason Wu’s Target collab mascot, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and pay homage to  our  feline friends with a delicious DIY.  Be fierce and show your  feminine  feline side with a DIY that’s purrrrrrrfect!

To   create:  cut out 2 triangles in black, that are slightly rounded, for  the  ears. Measure and cut out a smaller and contrasting shape for the  inner  ear.  Use the same fabric to create a nose shape.  Use either  leather, suede, or  any faux fabric you have.  Create a “face” with puffy paint drawing eyes  onto a plain loafer. Be sure to use a different color puffy paint for the inside of eyes.  Glue ears onto the inside of the loafer with  a  glue gun.  Attach the nose and finish drawing the face by adding   whiskers and a mouth.  Wait until puffy paint is completely dry before  kicking up your heels and exercising your cat like reflects!

Erica Domsek from P.S. I Made This pays homage to Charlotte Olympia’s cat heels and flats to Jason Wu’s Target collab mascot by showing us how to make these ADORABLE kitty cat pumps. 

I am so doing this.





J.R. Ward”s Lover Reborn is a book most of us readers want…like…NOW! It’s Tohr’s story but rumors tell us that team query will have plenty of show time with lots of angst and torture to keep us hooked deep.
I’m not a preview reader myself. It irritates me more then anything to read a few lines or chapters only to have to wait till release to read the rest. But, if you like the tease, FOUR, count them FOUR, chapters are up here to hold you over till March 27th.

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