Thursday, March 1, 2012

I’m reviewing Allison Pang’s A Sliver Of Shadow at Smexybooks

A Sliver Of Shadow (Abby Sinclair, #2)

A Sliver Of Shadow (Abby Sinclair #2) by Allison Pang
Urban Fantasy
March 2012
Pocket Books

Favorite Quote: “Do you think the powers that be would mind if I asked them to make sure the next apocalypse takes place later in the day? Maybe around teatime?“

A brief recap of book one. May spoil if you haven’t read.

Brush Of Darkness, the first book in the Abby Sinclair series, completely captivated me with it’s mad cap Alice In Wonderland storyline and indelible characters. Deliciously dark and wickedly funny, we are introduced to Abby Sinclair, a mortal bound into service of the fae. Known as a Touchstone, her gift allows her to keep the fae she is contracted with in the mortal realm. When her employer goes missing, Abby risks her life to save her boss and friends and meets the delectable Brystion. Circumstances force Abby to make some difficult choices and results in a unbridgeable rift between her and Bryston.

A Sliver of Shadow picks up a few weeks after Brush Of Darkness ended. Abby’s employer, Moira, is at the Faery Court to give testimony against a fellow fae’s acts of treason. This leaves Abby in charge of the shop and Benjamin. Oh, how I love Benjamin. A  woman arrives at the shop, claiming she is Abby’s new boss, and tries to be spell her with disastrous consequences. The Queen of the Fae, spiraling deeper into her insanity, feels the spell attempted against Abby, takes it as an act of war, and closes the door between the Fae and mortal realm. And refuses to reopen it.  With the Fae, trapped in the mortal realm, and beginning to fade, Abby appeals to Brystion to help.


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