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I’m reviewing A Scandalous Countess by JO Beverly at Smexybooks

A Scandalous Countess (Malloren, #12)

A Scandalous Countess (Mallorens #12) by Jo Beverley
Historical Romance
February 7, 2012

Favorite Quote: “Home. You are home.“

Once again, Jo Beverley transports us back in to the decadent and dazzling world of the Mallorens with the second book in her intriguing Three Countesses trilogy. Set in the Georgian era, Ms. Beverley’s opulent descriptions of the glittering ton with their witty dialogues and lively dalliances set against a dark background of intrigue continues to elevate this series beyond the normal historical romance.

Lady Georgia Maybury was married at the tender age of sixteen to the Earl of Mayberry and proceeded to shock and delight the beau monde with her daring escapades. Nicknamed Lady May for her flighty behavior; her husband did nothing to curtail her exploits but rather encouraged her as he was secure in her love for him. When her husband is killed in a duel, Georgia loses everything except her marriage provision and is forced to live once again with her parents. When her year of mourning comes to an end, her past behavior comes back to haunt her as vicious rumors of infidelity surface. Georgia plans to wait out the scandal until her mourning period ends but even time cannot turn back the tide that has turned society against her. Her only hope is to marry well again.

Lord Dracy is a former navel officer who inherits a improvised estate from a cousin. Scarred and poor, his chances of finding an heiress with a large purse to marry him is almost nonexistent. Forced to come up with funds to restore the estate, he bets his horse against the neighboring gentry. When Georgia’s father bets his racing horse against Dracy’s, Dracy knows his horse will win and hopes to use the Earl of Hernescroft’s horse to stud. However, Georgia’s father has a different prize in mind. His daughter. He feels that Dracy’s strong navel discipline will tame Georgia’s wild ways and protect her from the backstabbing ton.


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