Friday, March 2, 2012

Well, since you asked…T wants to “investigate”



T: Hear that?

Me: Nope.

T: You don’t hear those sirens?

Me: Nope

T: The helicopters?

Me: Nope.

T: Are you deaf?

Me: What?

T: Fine. I’m going to go look.

Me: Why?

T: Because I want to know what’s going on.

Me: Your nosy.

T: No, I’m inquisitive.

Me: Nosy.

Me: Don’t you think that multiple sirens and helicopters are an indication you should stay INSIDE?

T: Nope.

*disappears in bedroom and reappears a few minutes later*

Me: Why are you dressed like Rambo?

T: I can’t investigate without the proper gear.

Me: Really? Don’t you think full camo and black paint are a bit much?

T: I can’t let the enemy see me.

Me: The enemy?

T: *whispers* The criminals.

Me: What is that sticking out of your back pocket? Is that the kid’s magnifying glass?

Me: Have you taken your meds today?

T: Aw, come on. I want to go investigate, collect evidence, solve a crime. Like CSI.

Me: You need to lay off the coffee and take that crap off before you get yourself arrested.

T: Ohhh, think they’ll let me sit up front and run the sirens?

Me: WHEN you get arrested for hindering a police investigation, do not call me. I don’t know you.


Jay R said...

Dear T I'm down with your investigating. I got my camo and warpaint. FYI in the south it's not nosy it's called being an informed citizen.

Amanda Bonilla said...

LOL. So, did they let him run the siren? ;)

Tori said...

Jay-Do not encourage him. lol It's nosiness.

Amanda-The police know T and his "investigating". lol They hide when they see him coming.