Thursday, February 9, 2012

I’m reviewing Sharon Sala’s Next Of Kin at Smexybooks

Next of Kin


Next Of Kin (Rebel Ridge #1 ) by Sharon Sala
Romantic Suspense
January 31, 2012

As a teenager, Beth Venable was dragged from her home and the man she loved when her family decided to flee for reasons unknown. Beth wrote Ryal for years , begging him to come get her, but never received a reply. When her parents died suddenly, Beth decided to stay in LA and continue to build her life there. When she accidentally witnesses a murder, she becomes the target of a ruthless mob boss who will do anything to silence the only witness to his crime. After her 3rd safe house is compromised and she barely escapes with her life, Beth knows of only one place she may be safe-Rebel Ridge, Kentucky. Beth knows no matter what happened in the past, her kin will hide and protect her. Her uncle, a truck driver, uses his contacts to bring her across country and Beth finds herself once more wrapped in the loving care of her clan.

Ryal Walker was devastated when Beth’s family disappeared without a word. He always believed that his relationship with Beth is what caused them to run. He wrote to Beth everyday until the letters began to arrive back unopened. He decided then to let her go and never looked back. When he is called upon by Beth’s grandmother to help hide Beth from the mob, Ryal never thinks twice and offers his and his kin’s help. Seeing Beth again reopens old wounds and feelings and soon Ryal finds himself falling in love all over again with her.

As Ryal and Beth slowly find their way back into each others arms, the mob has discovered her hiding place and through deception and trickery, are slowing advancing towards the mountains. But blood is thicker then water and soon the mob learns that the mountain takes care of it’s own.


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