Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WTH Wednesday-Kormen bows to political pressure and cuts off Planned Parenthood

Dear Susan G. Komen Foundation,

Today it came to my attention that you have halted all grants to Planned Parenthood, effectively stopping thousands of mammograms and related services to low income women. Why? These programs save hundreds of lives each year. I have been one of your staunchest supports since age 16 when my mother was first diagnosed with cancer. I have run and walked hundreds of races in your name. I have bugged, bullied, and yes, even cried, to co worker and strangers to get them to donate money to your foundation. I have worn the pink ribbon with pride;  happy and proud to be associated with a group that promotes the well being of all woman regardless of race, age, political ties, and economical status. But today you broke my heart. Today you took all my hard work and tossed it to the ground because you choose to placate the right wing rather then stand up for the mission your company proclaims it’s built upon. You remember that mission statement don’t you?




I know you say it’s because Planned Parenthood is under a congressional investigation and you have rules that say they cannot associate with any company under a state or federal investigation. But I can’t help but wonder at the timing of it all. I’m sure it has nothing to do with any pressure from right wing pro life groups and their Republican allies who have announced repeatedly that they will target Planned Parenthood. Of course, it couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact your new Senior Vice President for Public Policy, Karen Handel is pro life? And that she promised during her failed 2010 gubernatorial bid to end grants for Planned Parenthood to provide breast and cervical cancer screenings. 

Because that would be wrong. Right?

Wrong or not, this is exactly what it looks like. Planned Parenthood provides lifesaving services to low income women. LOW INCOME WOMEN. Women who without this service would be virtually left swinging in the wind with no access to life saving health care. I find it ironic that your willing to let hundreds of woman suffer and possibly die to support a pro life cause. Planned Parenthood isn’t all about abortions. It has been proven time and time again that only 3% of it’s services are geared towards abortions. The rest is about providing all women with the help and information they need to make uniformed decisions regarding their health. THEIR health. Not yours. Not Karen Handel’s.  Not the Republican legistrator who himself was bullied into launching this witch hunt. All your doing is hurting thousands of women, causing unintended pregnancies and delaying needed preventive care.

I am disheartened that your choose to protect your political assets then the lives of the woman who count on you. So for that, I will take my money and skills and give them to Planned Parenthood, where they will be used in the spirit they are given. To promote the welfare of woman rather then pander to your employees political agendas.


Tori Benson
Ex-Susan G. Kormen Foundation member


If you would like to donate to Planned Parenthood, please click HERE.


Amy Kathryn said...

My feelings exactly. Thank you for expressing them so well!

I was not aware of the Karen Handel angle. I had just seen their excuse of the investigation policy.

the_happy_hausfrau said...

Lovely! Thank you for posting.

Tori said...

Amy Kathryn-Thank you. It's disheartening to say the least. *sigh*

The_happy_hausfrau-Thank you for commenting.

Pamela said...

Hey Tori,
My head has been spinning on my neck ala The Exorcist over this for the past 24 hours. I feel betrayed, and bamboozled. Especially since I just did my taxes and saw how much I donated to Susan G Koman in 2011. You express my feelings exactly. I know I'm driving people bananas tweeting about it non-stop and have probably lost followers but this is just too important to stay quiet about. Womens LIVES are at stake.
Thanks for giving me a place to come and say YES! EXACTLY! HEAR HEAR!
xoxo - P

Tori said...

Pam-If we lose follows because we are standing up to an injustice then so be it. Remember, one whisper added to thousands becomes a roar of discontent. So you keep on roaring baby!! And I'll roar with you.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you don't care as much about unborn babies as you care about yourself.

Pamela said...

It's too bad the anonymous ignorant troll who felt like spewing misinformation didn't read the content of the post. And they also were too cowardly to put their opinion down that they couldn't leave a name - Anonymous.

Cutting funding completely to breast cancer screenings to poor women who otherwise can't afford it has what to do with unborn babies, again?

Hey "Anonymous", if you grow some balls and decide not to hide behind your ignorance, come on back and explain to us your comment.

Tori said...

Anonymous-You have no idea what I believe in, but I'll tell you.

I am anti abortion but pro choice. I believe that since I am old enough to vote, drink, and die for my country then I am old enough to decide my own reproductive choices.

I believe that everyone has the right to make their own choices and no one has the right to impose upon someone's free will.

I believe that everybody deserves the right to a long, happy, healthy life with unrestricted access to medical care. I believe that everyone deserves it regardless of their religious, political, or personal beliefs. I believe making the receiving of such medical care contingent on a persons religious, person, or political beliefs a crime against humanity.