Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I don’t camp…I glamp

I admit that while I may have a foul mouth and tomboy tendencies…there is a girly girl buried deep in my psyche. This girly girl likes makeup, high heels, manicures, and sleeping indoors. While some may want to commune with God in the great outdoors, I figure walking from the car into the Hyatt qualifies. Hey, I’m outdoors right? At least I was when I walked to the hotel. But if your hubby is anything like mine and demands that you actually sleep outside, then I have a list of items that might make your experience a little more bearable. If that doesn't work, the combined cost of these items might make you other half reconsider the whole camping experience period.


3-30-tent-02 This ain’t your mama’s Coleman.


Missoni makes the cold nights more bearable.


I’m not a hiker, I just play one on line.


Jimmy Choo does my coffee just right.


Waterproof? Who cares?



No dang water from a spigot is touching my face.


No slapping marshmallows on crackers for me.


I can so have a candelier in my tent if I want.



The “porch” off my tent.


Jenn3128 said...

I like your style. I am not the mighty camper woman either, maybe, maybe if I had an RV I would camp. Maybe.

Penelope said...

This soooooo sums up my feelings about camping! Whenever my outdoorsy friends criticize my choice not to take my children camping, I point out that it's stupid to sleep on the cold, hard ground when you can have a hotel room with luxury bedding, indoor plumbing, and heat. Why suffer? I go for walks in the woods during the day, and then I sleep in a 5-star hotel at night. Sounds good to me...hee hee! (with room service!)

amyt865 said...

OMG you could not pay me to camp! It's the Hyatt for me all the way baby!

Tori said...

Jenn3128-I need certain amenities to camp. Like electricity, a tv, soft comfy bedding.

Penelope-Sleeping in the great outdoors is over rated. Give me a bed and room service any day.

Amyt865-T is a dork. lolol