Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WTH Wednesday…don’t judge me




Last month I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. Some liberties were taken with what I said but that’s to be expected. The article was also picked up by Jezebel and again, I was made to sound slightly stupid. *sigh* So I would like to take this opportunity to clear up a few key points.


One. Yes, I read erotic books. Do I read ONLY erotics? No. I read a wide variety of genres. And yes, I  own 2 kindles. One is used for review books and one is for personal books. Do I keep erotica on my kindle? Yes. Do I read more erotica because of the kindle? Yes. Is it because I don’t want people to know what I’m reading? No. I could honestly care less what anyone thinks of my reading preferences. I’m not waving it around but I’m not hiding it either. The reason I read more erotica on my kindle is because erotica is predominantly published in digital form. Go to Barnes and Noble and try to find an erotic romance. You will, but they are few and far between. There is a much wider base to be found online. It’s cheaper for authors to pub that way and gets out quicker to the buyers.


Two. Mommy’s Naughty Reader. LMAO Do I call one of my kindles that? Yes. Does my daughter call it that? No. It was a joke started by my husband when he was trying to explain to my kid why she needed to leave my kindle alone. The kid has an ipad 2…she has no reason to read on my kindles but she is stubborn-like her dad-so he got tired of  explaining it over and over and just told her I had inappropriate books on there. It morphed down to “Mommy's Naughty Reader”. Personally, I tried for Tori’s Tool Of Satan but no one would call it that. Boo.


Three. Do I read 10-15 books a week? Yes. Do I have a life? Yes. A very full one. While the articles presume that I am only a stay at home mom, it fails to say that I own my own business and work from home. I am also a free lance writer and make money reading these books. I found the comments that people had after viewing this tidbit to be curious. It was all negative. Like reading is bad or something. I am not a tv watcher-maybe 2 hrs a week at most. The average person watchers 6 hrs a day.  My advice-YOU need to pick up a book and turn that tv off.  Also, all those who poo pooed my reading. How many hrs do you spend online doing nothing but surfing? I’m willing to bet it’s more then I spend reading. I read over 650 words a minute. The average 300 page book takes me 2 hrs to read. So if I read 2 a day-I’m reading 4 hrs out my life a day. Now, the average erotic is maybe 100 pages that I can rip off 4 of those or more a day. Do I do this everyday? No, it’s an average. Some weeks it’s more, some weeks it’s less. But again, it’s part of my income. How much money do YOU make watching tv or surfing the web? Not a lot I’ll bet.


So while your sitting in your chair, reading these two articles and congratulating yourself that YOUR a better person because you have a REAL life-take a step back and realize where your reading this article. Online, probably in a little stuffy cubicle, while I am  outside, in the pool, reading and enjoying the sunshine. And making money while I do it.


Jenn3128 said...

Get 'em Tori.

Dren said...

PREACH!!! You totally Rock!

BookaholicCat said...

Haters gonna hate. You rock Tori, just ignore all the stupid people out there, they and their comments are not worth your time. XO

Kwana said...

Well you told them (me, the tv watcher). LOL. And I don't care what you say you still read fast as hell and I'm jealous as all get out. Sooo jealous!

Marq said...

First I'd like to say I am so jealous! I wish I read 650 words a minute! I need to train and make that happen!

Second, I am pissed for you. That WSJ article was so wrong and I wanted to pimp slap everyone who judged and left a nasty comment.

I don't understand why people are so judgmental! Reading is a good thing!! We should be encouraging everyone to read. I guess if it's not a Pulizter, then it doesn't count?

I was watching E! News last night and they were of course talking about the possible casting of the 50 movie. The E! news correspondent started the segment by talking about the popularity of "mommy porn." I wanted to throw my Kindle at the TV. Of course, I quickly changed the channel.

Kristin said...

Bravo, girlie! Notice that most of the idiotic comments on the Wall Street article are by men? Yuck. Yet, not surprising...

Patti (Caught in a FAB Romance) said...

I don't understand why reading romance is somehow more ridiculous than reading, say, spy novels or sci-fi. Why does any of it have to be ridiculous, why can't it just be fun?

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Jenn3128- Only my family is allowed to make me look stupid. lol

Dren-Aww thanks!

BookaholicCat-They suck.

Kwana- LOL I love tv watchers-some of my best friends watch then they tell me what happens. I've watched entire seasons that way.

Marq-Don't be. While it's a great thing to do as a book reviewer, it essentially means I skim the book. Which explains why I do a lot of re reads and always learn something new. lol
Also, I HATE the term "Mommy Porn."

Kristin- I showed my husband both articles and his response? "Asshats." lol

Patti-Me netiher. *sigh*

Underworld Love Addiction said...

Love the rant :)

Amanda Bonilla said...

I second Marcela. Haters gonna hate. The negativity really bothers me as well as the media's need to sensationalize everything and make it a scandal. Good for you Tori, for saying it like it is!

Tori said...

Underworld Love Addiction- Thank you. I guess my panties got in a little wad. lol

Amanda Bonilla-Making me sound stupid wasn't nice, but I was more insulted by the comments abt how and why someone would want to read that many books. Saying it with the same tone as finding crap on your shoe. :(

the_happy_hausfrau said...

Damn, girl. I have been reading "The Help" for two months now, lol!

You are awesome and someone I respect immensely. Who cares what some trolls say about you. You're livin' the dream!

Tori said...

the_happy_hausfrau- Thank you. That means a lot coming from you. :)

OooO The Help. I enjoyed that one.

Twimom227 said...

HOLY CROW! That's a lot of words in a minute.

Tori: I so *heart* you and I can't wait to meet you in NOLA. You rock and as a fellow erotica loving mommy.... you go get them!