Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I’m reviewing White Witch by Trish Milburn at Smexybooks

White Witch


White Witch by Trish Milburn
YA Paranormal
March 1, 2012
Bell Bridge Books

Jax Pherson is a sixteen year old witch. Born into a powerful dark magic coven led by her father, Jax watched her mother die when she tried to leave. From that day on, she saved and plotted until she was able to escape the coven. Now hiding in North Carolina, Jax is going to school under an assumed name and making friends. All she has to do is deny the calling of the dark power inside of her and use no magic. When she meets Keller, Jax figures her life can’t get much better. Until she finds out what Keller is. When evil threatens the town and her new friends, Jax has to find a way to convince Keller to forget everything he has been taught, and to believe in her. If she doesn’t, she’ll never live to see seventeen.

White Witch is a pragmatic YA with a first bloom romance. Ms. Milburn captures a nice tone for her teenage characters without miring it down with the oft present emo angst and ‘woe is me’ that is sometimes present in this type of storyline. Smooth writing and a steady pace made this very easy to follow. The plot is pretty straight forward. Supernatural girl in hiding meets boy of her dreams only to find out he is sworn to kill her kind. Add in snarky friends, love at first sight, a few villains, and we have our story. The characters and the sub pots that are intertwined with the main conflict. Love, loss, and growing up are a huge part of this story.


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