Friday, April 13, 2012

I’m reviewing Shadow’s Fall by Dianne Sylvan at Smexybooks

Shadow's Fall (Shadow World, #3)


Shadow’s Fall (Shadow World #3) by Dianne Sylvan
Urban Fantasy
March 27, 2012
Ace Books

Favorite Quote: “I love you. I love you, Miranda. I will always- “

Shadow’s Fall takes place three years after Shadowflame. David and Miranda have moved past the events that took place in Shadowflame and their love has survived and blossomed into something more than just the soul mate bond that binds them to one another. The Signet Council is having its ten year meeting and Miranda and David are hosting it this year. This will bring them into direct contact with Prime Hart, whom they had trouble with in Shadowflame. He wants Miranda and David dead and will stop at nothing to achieve this. One important topic that will be addressed is Miranda’s singing career. Miranda’s career is going strong but it is getting harder and harder to hide the fact she is a vampire. The time is coming where she will have to give up her singing career and that is proving to be a source of contention between her and the council. She wants a few more years and they want it stopped now. Jonathan, Prime Devon’s consort, is having more premonitions that he cannot or won’t share. Premonitions that may affect everyone he loves. When David’s long absent sire appears and hands David and Miranda a gift she claims will help them, David is sure it’s a trick but Miranda is unable to refuse. Soon, Miranda and David learn that they are merely pawns in a game that will take everything they have to survive. If they can.


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