Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I’m reviewing Just Down The Road by Jodi Thomas at Smexybooks

Just Down the Road

Just Down The Road (Harmony #4) by Jodi Thomas
Romantic Contemporary
April 3, 2012

Favorite Quote: “Your right, Sheriff, Noah’s got loose lips. It goes with his shifty eyes.“

In the 4th book of Jodi Thomas’s wonderful small town oriented series, Just Down The Road, we once again are submerged into the intricate relationships and the bonds that ties them together that make up the town of Harmony, Texas. Romance, friendship, and change all intertwine and revolve around one another as old and new friends try to live their lives in the best way they know how. Four main story lines unfold in here, each a study in the strength of the human heart and its capacity to love, learn, and forgive. While Regan still plays a dominate role in this heavy character driven series, other characters have wormed their way in to top spots and I find myself deeply vested in each and every one of them.

A heavy dose of mystery, suspense, and danger features more predominately in this installment then the previous ones, creating an addictive read that fills you with some strong emotions as you watch those you have come to love fight through the pitfalls of life. I love how human Ms. Thomas’s characters are. Not perfect or even pleasant at times, each one is a vibrant personality that takes command and dominates the scenes they are in. Each relationship is carefully cultivated and allowed to grow and bloom naturally. As with any garden, you may not see anything the first year, or maybe it will bloom hard and heavy only to die in the first frost. Either way, Ms. Thomas shows remarkable insight when she cultivates her garden and the results are a joy for all who are lucky enough to visit it.


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