Friday, April 6, 2012

Well, since you asked-Yes, I DO know what the Prorsum in Burberry Prorsum means

Every wonder what exactly the Prorsum from Burberry means? Or what black and white checks are called Houndstooth?
Well fear no more…I have the answers to these and many more fashion mysteries that has plagued the masses for years.

1. What does the Prorsum in Burberry Prorsum stand for?
The Prorsum in Burberry Prorsum is latin and means forward. Burberry Forward.

2. Is Pony Hair leather made from real ponies?
No. Pony hair leather is not made from real pony hair. It is unshaved cow and/or calf leather.

3. How do you pronounce ASOS?

4. Why only two seasons in fashion?
Because it takes approximately 6 months for a designer to complete a collection.

5. Who is the Barney in Barneys of New York?
Barney Pressman. He pawned his wife’s engagement ring and used the money to open his first store.

6. Why do Louboutin’s have red soles?
Red sole shoes aren’t new or unique, but Christian Louboutin was inspired in 1992 by an employee painting her nails Chanel red.

7. Why is houndstooth called houndstooth?
Houndstooth, a Scottish print, was based on the the uneven shape of hound dogs' teeth.

8. What is the “sample” size in fashion?
A size 2 in clothing and a size 40 in shoes.

9. Does Alexander Wang perm his hair?
Nope. All those gorgeous curls are his.

10. What does BCBG stand for?
BCBG is an acronym for the French phrase, "Bon chic, bon genre," meaning "good style, good attitude."

11. Do celebrities get to keep all the clothes they wear?
One of a kind pieces are required to be returned so they can borrowed for other events. But most celebrities are gifted with clothing in hopes they will be photographed in them-garnering the designer free advertising.

12. Are celebrities paid to wear certain items?
For red carpet events, some celebrities are approached and offered major cha CHING to wear a high end designer item. Rumor has it that Gwyneth Paltrow was offered $500K to sport Louis Vuitton jewels for the 2011 Oscars.

13. How much does the average fashion show cost?
Between $80,000 and $200,000.

14. Why are the buttons on different sides, on guys' and girls' shirts?
It's an old tradition that began when fancy women used to get dressed with the help of a maid, but men didn't.

15. Do designers pay celebrities to sit front row?
Yes they do. Stars like Rihanna or Beyoncé can charge a whopping  up to $95,000 for their front-row seats.

16. Who cuts Anne Wintour’s hair?
She has her hair professionally styled every morning by hairdresser Charlie Chan.

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