Monday, May 14, 2012

Designer collabs I just don’t get


Trina Turk Garden Hose by Alice Supply Co $46-While I love Trina Turk, I cannot even begin to understand WTH she made a garden hose.




Alexander Wang for Starbucks T Shirt $85-Seriously? $85 bucks for a t shirt that looks like a coffee stain? I make one of those everyday and it costs me nothing.




Louis Vuitton condoms $68-Maybe if Marc Jacobs had designed them but alas, he didn’t.




Nicole by OPI X Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl Collection $7 each-Is it jus tme or does a teenage boy hawking nail polish seems a little strange?




André Courrèges for Evian $7.99-Same water, $4 mark up.




Victoria Beckham Special Edition Range Rover Evoque $129.000-Posh needs to stick to clothing and accessories.

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