Monday, May 14, 2012

I’m reviewing Heart Of Brass by Kate Cross at Smexybooks

Heart of Brass

Heart Of Brass (Clockwork Agents #1) by Kate Cross
May 1, 2012
Signet Eclipse

Favorite Quote: “She drove him to distraction, frustrated him, amazed him, and made him what to do better.“

Arden Grey, Countess Huntley, has everything a woman of the 19th century could want. Wealth, status, and independence. Everything except her husband. The Earl of Huntley disappeared seven years ago while on a mission for a secret government agency called the Wardens. Arden knows her husband is still alive and has never given up hope he will come home to her. One night Arden feels someone watching her and realizes it's her missing husband.

Lucas (Luke) Gray, the Earl of Huntley, is now an assassin for the Company, a corrupt agency.  Referred to as number 5, he is sent to assassinate Arden for her crimes against the Company. As Luke watches his target, he finds himself unable to complete his mission. Something about Arden is familiar and his attraction to her both excites and scares him.

Arden and Lucas's best friend implement a plan and are able to capture and subdue Luke.They take him to the Wardens headquarters and learn that the Company has tampered with both his memories and his physical stature. Luke is definitely not the man he was seven years ago. The Wardens don't trust him but Arden finally has him back in her life and will do anything to keep him there. As Arden and Luke struggle to reacquaint themselves with one another again, they have to stop the Company from killing them and Arden has to stop a serial killer.


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