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I’m reviewing Until I Die by Amy Plum at Smexybooks


Until I Die (Revenants, #2)


Until I Die (Revenants #2) By Amy Plum
YA Paranormal Romance
May 8, 2012
HarperCollins Publishing

Favorite Quote: “I closed my eyes and wished nothing would ever change. That time would stop and we could stay like this forever.“


Until I Die is the second book in Ms. Plum’s luscious mythological world of revenants. Romantic and intriguing, this YA continues to capture the youthful voice of her characters without miring it down with over affected emo prose and the ‘woe is me’ that is sometimes present in a teen romance. Smooth writing and a steady pace made this easy to follow and relate to. I found myself at the end before I knew it. If I were to label this book, it would be a bridge between book one and book three- the final book. Arc and character development exist, but the majority of the book focuses on giving us needed information and setting up for the finale. It does make for slow passage at times.

Situated in Paris, Ms. Plum weaves her tale set among the grace and old world charm of one of the most romantic cities in the world. The strong world building in Die For Me continues, giving us more information and background into the history of the Revenants. Revenants are select individuals who are predisposed to give up their lives for others; only to be reborn again and again. We are reminded in here that they can indeed die and stay dead for eternity if the right methods are used. I enjoy the time and patience that Ms. Plum uses to produce a story all her own.


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Brasil said...

This book features a lot about Vincent and Kate trying to make their relationship work despite their unique differences. Kate is as realistic and level headed as ever, and this is one of the main reasons that I enjoy this series. She isn't making rash decisions, she thinks about things in full, and she isn't a whiny helpless little girl. (Thank you Amy Plum for writing a character like this.) Vincent isn't anything to be scoffed at either. He and his family of revenants are always interesting, if not charming, to read about. He's got some of the best brothers a guy could ever have, even if they might be a little flirtatious (innocently, I think) at times.