Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spring Cleaning Your Closet


Out with the old makes room for the new. Every season I clean and rearrange my closet. Not just to make room for new purchases and season clothing changes but to also get rid of items because I'm pretty sure I have the hoarder gene.

Tip #1. If you haven’t worn it in over a  year, chances are your never going to wear it. Here is a neat trick to try that will let you know how often your wearing a certain piece. Go through your closet and place a stick on item. After you wear it once, remove the sticker. After 1 year, go through your closet and see what still has a sticker. Toss all items with stickers into the donate bag. Accessories included.

donate box

Tip #2: I like to group similar clothing together. Pants, shirts, sweaters, ect… Then I go back and group them together in similar colors.

Tip #3: There are classic pieces that every woman needs in her closet. I may upgrade/replace these but I am never without them. I keep that list on me at all times.  Here is my list.

  • -A LBD. Every woman needs a little black dress. The trick is to pair it with different pieces to make it all your own on different occasions.


  • -A button down white shirt. From shorts, to maxis. this piece has a million different looks.
  • A business handbag. Use a primary color (red, black, or brown) and stick to a classic look. Vintage works best for me.
  • A metal tone watch. Silver, gold, big, small-it doesn't matter except that it fits, matches everything, and reflects your style. I’m fond of men's watches.


  • A black suit. When I went out into the adult world, my mom told me I need a good cut, well fitting, black powerhouse suit. One I could wear to interviews and meetings. Best advice she ever gave me.
  • A signature piece. A good signature piece that you can wear with anything sets you apart from the masses. My signature piece? A round silver toggle Return to Tiffany & Co. necklace. Bought when I was 18.


  • A good quality long dress coat or wool lined trench. Make sure the lining can be zipped out though.
  • A pair of black pumps.
  • A tuxedo cut blazer. A good blazer can perk up any outfit.


  • A nude seamless bra. A classic misconception is that white works best under white. Nude works best for no color show. Seamless shows no lines.
  • A well fitting pair of jeans. They don’t have to be designer but they should be well made (cotton, spandex blend), dark, and generally plain. No obnoxious designs or fabric patterns.
  • Ballet Flats. Every woman should own one pair of ballet flats. Or you can be like me and own 20 pairs. They work with everything.


Tip #4 When going thorough clothing, take out everything that needs tailoring or repairs. Place off to the side. After one year, if you haven’t repaired or hemmed it, you aren’t going to and you need to let it go.

Tip #5 This tip plays off #4. if it doesn’t fit, place in a container and try it on one year from now. If it still doesn’t fit, it’s never going to and you need to let it go.

Tip #6 No wire hangers. You aren’t Joan Crawford. Plus, wire hangers can ruin the lines of your clothing.


Tip #7 Choose your trends wisely. Remember parachute pants?

Tip #8   There is nothing wrong with vision boards. I use Pinterest. I clip and pin looks I like and ones that work for me. Helps with those impulse buys.

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