Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I’m reviewing Bleeding Out by Jess Battis at Smexybooks

Bleeding Out (OSI, #5)

Bleeding Out (OSI Novel #5) by Jes Battis
May 29, 2012
Urban Fantasy

Occult Special Investigator Tess Corday has taken a leave of absence from OSI. An absence only granted if she continues to see the company shrink. Tess has had a rough ride the last few books. She has learned about her father, sister, and the secrets her mother has been keeping from her. She feels her family is starting to drift apart and wants to make sure they know she will always be there for them if and when they leave. When an important public figure is found dead in his home and a dangerous drug is making its way on the streets, Tess begins to unofficially investigate her own. Tracking down a murderer and drug dealer will take Tess down a road of no return. A road that could spell the end of her world as she knows it.

Bleeding Out is the final book in Jes Battis’s OSI series. Mr. Battis has built an urban fantasy world whose twisted layers and complicated characters are finally explained in this finale. In here, Jes Battis takes us deep into the core of Tess Corday. Tess is still trying to come to terms with her demon half and the man who is her father. Her life is a mixture of contradictions and questions. Even with everything Tess has learned, she finds herself still without the crucial pieces that could tie it all together. Tess is also having to deal with her family growing up. Tess has invested so much in keeping them all safe, she now feels the loss of them as they all get ready to leave the nest to pursue their own lives.


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