Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WTH Wednesday-The Princess and the Master

TMZ originally broke this story.

Now listen carefully, kiddies. There’s a moral in this story…somewhere.

Meet Benjamin Bowers.  A former A&F store employee who got tired of folding sweaters and getting contact highs from the cologne they pipe through the store, and decided that modeling was the life for him.

He contacts a A&F casting director who then refers him to a modeling agent named Brian Hilburn, who in turn convinced Bowers to fly to Jackson, Mississippi, for a photo shoot.

And then it gets interesting.

According to Ben, Mr. Hilburn (who shall hence forth be referred to as The Master) convinced the incredibly naive Ben (who shall hence forth be referred to as The Princess) that masturbating in front of the camera would give him that perfect post orgasm “relaxed” look that would make The Princess a rising star. Oh yea, The Princess had to be naked while he masturbated because, well, just because.

*starting to giggle here*

And now for the rest of the story. Seems The Princess got suspicious after he got nekkid and did the deed because he claims The Master got nekkid too, then made comments about their “size differences.” *gasp* Nothing blows a young man’s ego then being told he’s not the next James Deen. After realizing that maybe he wasn’t going to make A&F’s top 10 (or even 20) list, The Princess decided to sue A&F and The Master because he feels, “used, abused, and doubts the pictures were ever going to be used to promote his career.”  He claims The Master only wanted…”a cheap thrill.” 


I’m not really sure what to say here. so I'm going to offer some totally unsolicited advice.
One, I feel The Princess shouldn’t be allowed out of the house on his own and his parents REALLY need to have the stranger, danger talk with him.  Two, The Master should look over the A&F modeling contracts again to see what exactly it is he’s suppose to be shooting.  Cause I’m pretty sure that wasn’t it. And three, masturbation is a private thing and unless your getting paid to show your talents or trying to impress your date, you really need to keep it on the DL.

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