Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ZOMG! MAC Ruffin Red is back…


After a 3 year hiatus, MACs uber popular, must have lip color, Ruffian Red is BACK. And sources confirm it brought 2 friends with it. Ruffian Gold–a bold metallic 24 carat and Ruffian Naked-a creamy beige.

This delectable shade is the brainchild of Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, who teamed up with MAC back in 2009 to create the perfect limited-edition lippie for their fall fashion show. Due to overwhelming popularity the shade sold out almost instantaneously.

MAC is also offering MAC is offering delicious set of ready-to-wear half-moon nails in three chic color combinations: Spectator, Demoiselle, and Demilune. These multi-use nails will change the way we look at press-on nails. They feature an adhesive on the back of the nail, so you simply press it down on the nail to stick, then peel it off from the sides when you are through. Since they're temporary, the adhesive won't damage your nails, but it's still strong enough to offer a few hours of glamorous wearing.

Refinery29 has a video showing the full collection and the “good girl gone bad” inspiration behind the collaboration.

MAC Ruffian Collection, $14.50-$25, available at MAC.

*picture courtesy of refinery29.com

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