Friday, July 13, 2012

I’m reviewing Keeping Secret by Sierra Dean at Smexybooks


Keeping Secret (Secret McQueen #4)
Urban Fantasy
July 10, 2012
Samhain Publishing

Favorite Quote: “ The first rule of Vamp Club is you don’t talk about Vamp Club. “

It’s a nice day for a white wedding. At least that’s what Secret McQueen is hoping for, with her poofy-princess-dress marriage to a werewolf king looming closer and closer by the day. But as ever, nothing can be that easy for a vampire/werewolf hybrid for whom someone still harbors a death wish.
Summoned to the south by her werewolf uncle, who makes no bones about the fact her mate bond with Lucas doesn’t pass muster, Secret learns her furry heritage looks more like a tangled vine than a family tree. Getting her royal uncle’s blessing hinges on finding one of the missing twigs. Even with vampire sentry Holden Chancery at her side, she manages to land up to her neck in a swamp of trouble.
As an assassin’s scope zeroes in, family dramas boil up and a fast-collapsing love square threatens to bury her alive, making it to the church on time could be the least of Secret’s problems.

Oh Sierra, you bad, bad girl. I and Sierra Dean have a love/hate relationship. I love to hate her characters and she loves to feed my hate. It’s sick, but it works for us. Sierra gives Secret no room to rest in this fourth installment. Lucas forced her hand in accepting his ring and now she finds herself engaged and planning her wedding to the East Coast King of the Werewolves. The tribunal is setting her up for something, and now she has to travel to Louisiana to see her werewolf uncle who has some qualms about her marriage to Lucas. Toss in a scary arse grandmother, a pissed off hurt boyfriend, and a vampire sentry who is pressing his suit, and Secret wonders if those runaway brides didn't have the right idea.

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