Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY some kick arse earth friendly earrings


Erica Domesek, owner of P.S. I Made This, is my DIY hero. I follow her blog religiously and about DIED when I saw her latest creation.

Translucent statement earrings.

To create, take a plastic water bottle and cut out 2 circles, approx 2-3” inches in diameter. Heat up the edges with a lighter, and watch how they instantly curl and ripple. Pierce two holes with a needle. You may need to heat the tip of the needle before you pierce the plastic. Thread jewelry wire through a pearl and twist both sides together. PS I Made This wrapped wire around the toothpick of their Swiss Army Knife to make a tiny loop for the earring wire to slip through the top.

tumblr_m8p9cdam0I1qzymieo1_1280 (1)


*photos and instructions courtesy of PS I Made This

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