Monday, August 13, 2012

I’m reviewing The Last Victim by Karen Robards at Smexybooks


The Last Victim: A Novel

The Last Victim by Karen Robards
Romantic Suspense/PNR
August 7, 2012
Random House

Dr. Charlotte (Charlie) Stone is an expert in criminal psychology. She also sees dead people. She regularly faces down some of the most vicious and sadistic serial killers that prison has to offer. As the surviving victim of a serial killer herself, Charlotte needs to know what fuels the madness in these monsters.

FBI agent Tony Bartoli knows who Charlotte is. He knows what she went through and he knows what she can do. He needs her help because a teenager is missing and it looks like after fifteen years, the serial killer she faced, is back. Charlotte doesn’t want to take this case but knows she may be the only one who can stop this monster. Soon, Charlotte is locked in a cunning game of lies and secrets as she uses all her gifts to hunt down a madman who is bent on making Charlotte his last victim.

Karen Robards The Last Victim is a psychological paranormal romance suspense. The story begins with a look at Charlie’s past; retracing each step through her ordeal with a serial killer. When Charlie was sixteen, her best friend and family were slaughtered by a serial killer and her best friend’s body was left on the boardwalk. Charlie’s identification to the police sent the Boardwalk Killer into hiding. We then flash to the present and our story begins fifteen years later.

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