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I’m reviewing The Lady Risks All by Stephanie Laurens at Smexybooks

The Lady Risks All

The Lady Risks All by Stephanie Laurens
Historical Romance
September 25, 2012

Favorite Quote: “This wasn’t some passing connection. This power and glory wasn’t something that would fade and die-

Neville Roscoe is the notorious, scandalous owner of several gambling dens. A private man, he exists on the fringes of society and is given wide berth by everyone. We learn early on that Neville is really Lord Julian Delbraith and his decline into society’s more dark ventures is forced by family circumstances. He chooses to sacrifice himself in order to save his family from ruin. This has caused Neville to isolate himself, not only from his family, but from society in general. While not a heartless man, he is aloof and removed, in order to not only protect his family, but also himself. It’s only when he meets Miranda Clifford does his protective instincts come roaring forefront and he begins to wish that things were different.

Lady Miranda Clifford is locked in the rigid confines of society, made to pay for her mother’s fall from grace by her two spinster aunts. Her aunts have quashed almost all of her independence and spirit and Miranda has spent a majority of her life raising her younger brother and looking to making a respectable marriage. When her brother Roderick begins to buck against her yoke, Miranda knows it’s time to let him go but she finds herself following him one night to see what he is up to. He leads her to one of Neville’s gambling dens and she sneaks in to spy on her brother. Neville catches her and instead of ejecting her, he allows her to hide and see her what her brother is doing. Miranda appeals to Neville for help when a series of attacks befall her brother and before he knows it, Neville finds himself opening up to a woman who for all intents and purposes would be shunned should their association be discovered.

As their attraction to one another grows, Miranda makes a daring proposition and Neville, caught between his honor and passion for Miranda, agrees. Soon their affair blossoms into a love so deep and commanding, Neville fears that only death will release them.

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