Friday, September 28, 2012

Why I love Sesame Street

Growing up I adored Sesame Street. Many hours were spent learning to count, read, and sing. As I grew older, I realized that not only was Sesame Street a preschool child’s paradise, but can also entertain adults. Hilarious and spot on, Sesame Street spoofs adult shows like a pro and mocks as only puppets can.

True Blood
Who needs sex when you can have moppet versions of Sookie and Bill, the town residents waxing poetic about the nasty “grouches” in faux southern accents, and the drink of choice is ‘true mud”?


Law & Order SVU
My favorite show EVAH is only enhanced with muppet Benson & Stabler attempting to solve“special letter” crimes among the L&O SVU theme music.


Mad Men
No drink addled Don Draper in here. Sesame Street takes an elementary approach in explaining the concept of this drama as each ad pitch produces corresponding emotions. Mad ads makes madmen. Get it?


This parody is filled with awesomesauce from a sarcastic muppet Sue to the flamboyant Kurt and his love of the letter G. If you don’t die during the finale song, then you are dead inside.


The Hunger Games, The Avenger, and The Newsroom
Cookie monster steals the show as he gobbles up the cookies in The Hunger Games, becomes the ‘edible hulk’ in The Avengers, plays a HILARIOUS Dr Who to Grover's Amy Pond, then channels The Newsroom’s  Will McAvoy: “Me tell the news the way it is! Me media elite!”

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