Saturday, September 22, 2012

I’m reviewing Night Seeker by Yasmine Galenorn at Smexybooks

Night Seeker (Indigo Court, #3)

Night Seeker (Indigo Court #3) by Yasmine Galenorn
Urban Fantasy
July 3, 2012


Favorite quote: “There is much to fear in the dark. There are monsters under the bed and in the closet, and now they walk aboard at will.“

Wind witch and owl shifter, Cicely Waters, rescued her lover, Fae Prince Grieve from the Indigo Court, but not before Myst, the Queen Of Winter, turned him. The rescue destroyed Cicely’s alliance with Lainule, the Queen of Summer and destroyed any hope of cooperation from the vampires. Cicely, in desperation, appeals to the Consortium for help.

When the Queen Of Summer begins to fade, Cicely offers to find and bring back Summer’s heartstone. Cicely also has to find a way to change Grieve back and keep Lannan at arms length. As friends turn enemy and enemies become allies, Cicely will find herself standing on the edge of the precipice, her destiny unfolding before her as she fights for all she loves and believes in.

Night Seeker, the third installment of Yasmine Galenorn’s dark and sensual fae fantasy, picks up right where Night Veil left off and blows it all out of the water. Well-plotted and cast with characters that are strong and personable, Night Seeker is filled with taut suspense, delicious betrayal, and dangerous antagonists.

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