Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving wishes and some shopping advice




Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! While your getting your feed on and planning your attack on Black Friday, I thought I would doffer some advice to those who actually brave Black Friday. *shudder*

1. Do it right. Don’t waste your time on clothing and accessories. If your going to brave the crazies on Black Friday, spend that money wisely and go for the big ticket items. Electronic items, jewelry, and uber popular toys are what to fight for in Black Friday.

2. Save your clothing and accessory purchases till Dec 17th and later. That is when the retailers start freaking and flailing like muppets because- OMG THERE IS ONLY 7 SHOPPING DAYS LEFT TILL CHRISTMAS- so all clothing and accessories go into MAJOR markdown starting then. Plus, it’s free shipping day. WOOOHOOO

3. You see a computer that you can get for $10 if you show up at 2am? Well, let me be the first to tell you that A. they usually only have 4 or less available and B. they are products specifically made for this sale and it is BARE BONES. You would be better off spending the couple hundred it usually is and getting a fully loaded model.


5. Remember, Cyber Monday starts the Monday after Black Friday and the sales are available online with prices dropping the closer we get to December 25th. Don’t expect some of the same door buster savings though.

6. December 10th is the WORSE day to shop for deals. Not sure why, but statistics show prices are high that particular day.

7. Ask for price matches. Most retailers have already announced they will match Black Friday prices-just be sure you bring the ad to back up your claim.

8. And last but not least…think carefully before you leave your house. Is what you want to buy REALLY worth the hassle of Black Friday?

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