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I’m reviewing Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian at Smexy Books


edgeofdawnEdge Of Dawn (Midnight Breed #11) by Lara Adrian
Paranormal Romance
February 26, 2012
Delacorte Press

A joint review by Helyce and Tori

Favorite Quotes:

Helyce: “Their bond had defied death, and he had never felt so humbled by anything before in all his days. He loved this woman–his woman, his eternal mate. He needed her more than air, more than anything else this life could give him. His heart swelled with love for her, reborn and renewed, beating as hard and strong as a drum.”

Tori: “If you don’t love me, “ she said, “if you truly want me gone…then let go.”

Edge Of Dawn picks up twenty some years after Darker Than Midnight. This is the new generation, folks. *cue the Star Trek music* While we do see the original cast, this story centers around Mira. We learn she and the others; Nathan, Kellan, ect…are all grown up and now the warriors that try to keep the peace between the humans and the Order. Mira is slowly unraveling though as she has never gotten over the death of her only love, fellow Breed warrior, Kellen Archer. Mira finally takes one to many risks and her punishment is demotion and being placed on bodyguard duty to a young, genius, germophobe scientist. Her job is to accompany him to the GNC summit being held to try and hammer out peace between the humans and the Order. When she arrives at his home during a kidnapping attempt, she is taken hostage along with the scientist, and comes face to face with the one man she never thought to see alive again.

Kellan Archer was supposed to be dead; killed in an explosion. We soon learn that Kellan was NOT killed in that explosion but actually orchestrated his own death, abandoned the Order, and now leader of a vigilante group of humans. Kellen never thought he would see Mira again, though he has purposely stayed around Boston to keep an eye on her. Seeing Mira has brought back all the intense feelings he never lost for her, but he knows that Mira will never forgive him for his betrayal of the Order or her.

When a member of Kellan’s group goes rogue and kidnaps the scientist right from under their noses, He & Mira are forced to work together to figure out who wants to destroy the summit, the Order, and keep Kellan from being branded a traitor and killed.

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