Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: Falling Blind by Shannon K. Butcher

Falling Blind (Sentinel Wars #7) by Shannon K. Butcher
Paranormal Romance
April 2, 2013

Favorite Quote: ‘’…there is no way I’m dying now-not with you as the prize for surviving.“

Cain, a centuries old warrior who has slipped into deep depression with the abandonment of his ward Sybil, finds his emotions reawakening when he comes upon a young wounded woman fighting for her life against demons.

Rory, who suffers from debilitating visions, has already escaped the vicious demons who held her captive once and will fight to the death before she allows capture again. Once Rory meets Cain and touches him, her visions disappear and she finds peace from the constant onslaught. Cain’s failure to protect his ward has left him feeling like a failure and unworthy to even consider Rory as a mate but as he and Rory spend more time together, he finds himself becoming more and more attached to her. When Rory is bitten by a demon who then uses her blood to attempt control of her, Cain and Rory work together to find the demons stronghold and destroy those who seek to subjugate her again.

The arc is set set on modern Earth, with a raging battle between good and evil is being fought right under our noses. Violence and romance go hand in hand as warriors called Sentinels fight to save mankind against the Synestryns while struggling to locate their mates before they die. Falling Blind is #7 in Shannon Butcher’s dark and gritty Sentinel series.

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