Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm reviewing Alice's Wonderland by Allison Dobell at Smexybooks

Alice’s Wonderland by Allison DobellErotic Romance
E book/Novella
November 6, 2012
Avon Red

Favorite Quote: “The best way to get through to a man like him? All to easy: leave him wanting more.”
Alice Mitchell has spent her life building an erotic luxury goods online store that caters to the rich and discreet. When well known playboy journalist, Flynn O’Grady, begins to write a series of articles that mocks her customers and their toys, using her store as an example,  Alice decides that Flynn needs a proper lesson. And who better to deliver that then her?
Flynn believes that boredom in the bedroom doesn’t need spice…it needs a change in partners. Using all her knowledge, skill, and toys, Alice sets out to show Flynn that monogamy can be fun when you change the rules, rather than the partner.
Alice’s Wonderland is a short story, only 100 pages, but delivers an erotic romance with humor, sensuality, and a sweet emotional undertone.
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