Thursday, May 2, 2013

I’m reviewing Bull Headed by Catt Ford at Smexybooks


Bullheaded by Catt Ford eBookBullheaded by Catt Ford
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press

Cody Grainger is at the top of his game when it comes to bull riding and he is ecstatic his lover, Johnny Arrow, is there to share it with him. Cody loves Johnny but their age difference has Cody often making decisions concerning their future without consulting Johnny. When Cody steps over the line one too many times, Johnny leaves Cody and it sends Cody into a tailspin.

Johnny, ten years younger than Cody, is just starting to make a name for himself as a bullfighter. When Cody fails to understand or respect Johnny's career choice, Johnny knows it’s time to leave and follow his own path. Johnny never expected the path to be so lonely without Cody.

As Cody struggles to deal with losing Johnny, he is also starting to doubt his skills in the ring which leads to one of the rodeo seasons worse slumps. Time apart shows Cody and Johnny that they belong together but their pride maybe the one obstacle they can’t overcome.

Bullheaded is a M/M romantic contemporary set amongst the backdrop of the NRA (National Rodeo Association). Cait Ford shows the depth of her rodeo knowledge with a glossary of terms situated in the front of the book and detailed descriptions throughout the story. Told in alternating POVs, we get a sweet, sometimes frustrating story of love, loss, and growth. Flamboyant characters, humorous dialogue, and well plotted scenes will have you sighing while trying not to laugh as our heroes struggle to find their place together in their world.  I enjoyed the fact that we got dual POVs. It’s always interesting to watch (or read in this case) the same scene told by two different people. It’s easier to see where some of the anger and frustration that each man feels, comes from.


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