Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm reviewing The Duchess Hunt by Jennifer Haymore at Smexybooks


The Duchess Hunt (House of Trent #1) by Jennifer Haymore
Historical Romance
June 25, 2013
Reviewed by Tori
Favorite Quote: “My reputation has no importance when it comes to you…”
Sarah Osborne is the daughter of the Hawkins family gardener. Having been raised and educated with the Hawkins children, she straddles a very fine line in the family. Not their equal as head chambermaid, but held in higher regards than the average servant. She has loved Simon since she was a child. He rescued her from a mishap with a blackberry bush and he became her knight in shining armor. Sarah had no idea Simon felt the same until they shared a passionate kiss but then Simon fled to London the next day and she has not seen him since.
Simon Hawkins has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. Having held the title of Duke since a young man, he has weathered scandals, rumors, and innuendos concerning his family for years. His main goal now is to bring respectability to the House of Trent. Summoned home when his mother suddenly disappears, he is unsure whether she let of her own accord or through nefarious means. This brings him back into Sarah’s life and he is unhappy to see that his feelings for her have not faded. He stayed away from the family estate for years, ashamed for what he saw as taking advantage of Sarah. He knows he and Sarah have no real chance at a true relationship but his heart doesn’t care.
With his mother’s disappearance in mind, Simon decides to move his sister, Lady Esme and Sarah to London for safety reasons. The move puts Simon and Sarah into closer contact and their passion for one another only burns brighter. Their already doomed love affair is further tested by a very determined debutante and papa who sees Simon as her way to become a Duchess and uses any means necessary to achieve their goals. As Simon struggles to maintain status quo and do the right thing by his family and Sarah, the choice is suddenly taken from him and he finds himself hurting them all.
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