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I’m reviewing J. Lynn’s Wait For Me at Smexybooks



Wait For You by J. Lynn (Wait for You #1)
New Adult
April 2, 2013
William Morrow

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: “I think the key to the start of any good relationship is to remember how the other person likes their coffee.”

Avery Morgenstern starts her first day of college by literally running into campus hottie and player, Cameron Hamilton. Six feet plus of pure unadulterated smexyness who suddenly becomes Avery’s shadow. He makes her feel like a goddess but Avery has secrets. Secrets that haunt her days, nights, and impede any chance of her having a normal relationship. Avery arrived at college thousands of miles from home to escape a traumatic event and make a fresh start but when she begins receiving hate filled emails and texts, Avery will have to make a difficult choice. Can she come clean with Cam and let him help her heal? Or will she be forced to stay silent and lose the one person who makes her feel whole again?

**Though this is set to release for publication in print in September through William Morrow, I actually read this months ago when it was released by J Lynn herself in ebook format. I have read both releases many times. The book is available digitally**

Wait For You is a well written addictive new adult novel that addresses a serious subject matter with heartfelt emotion, drama, intrigue, romance, and humor. A fluid storyline that ebbs and flows seamlessly as we are submerged into the lives of the protagonists Avery and Cam. I’m a huge fan of the author, J Lynn, also known as Jennifer Armentrout. I adore her mature YA’s and her adult romantic contemporaries and was delighted to see her writing NA.  Fans of her previous works will not be disappointed. A prolific author whose true gift is her appealing voice and her ability to make her characters realistic and three dimensional. Her characters aren’t perfect and while we do see drama and angst, it’s not over flowing or used as merely a plot device. She digs beneath stereotypical behavior and gives us the real story behind it. Witty dialogue, dynamic scenes, and a well plotted swoon worthy romance serve to make this story an unforgettable read.


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